Release Date

February 20th, 2014


Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game set inside a Japanese pop-up book. Fold a slide the beautifully crafted paper world to solve puzzles and discover secrets. Go on a serene journey through Japan of ancient fairy tales brought to life through striking visuals, unique gameplay and haunting music. Experience dark forests, abandoned shrines and tranquil mountain waterfalls as you seek to uncover the secret behind the lone dying cherry tree.

Tengami is a game inside a pop-up book and plays like nothing else before it. Reach directly into the world to flip, fold and slide parts of the world to delve deeper into your mysterious journey.

A beautiful and original soundtrack by renowned composer David Wise accompanies your adventure. He is best known for his work on the Donkey Kong Country series.

Tengami's world is built as an authentically folding three dimensional pop-up book with an all new technology created just for this game. Everything seen in the game could be recreated in real-life with just paper, scissors and glue.

Tengami on the Wii U supports posting and sharing to Miiverse, as well as a set of exclusive stamps.

Language support is available for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Danish, Swedish and Turkish.


A love for pop-up books and traditional Japan gave the spark for Tengami. By chance, Phil Tossell came accross a video of a pop-up book in late 2010 and was instantly reminded of the sense of wonder he felt when reading them as a child. He shared his discovery with Jennifer Schneidereit and they started discussing what a game in a folding pop-up world could be like. Through a long process of experimentation, starting with paper prototypes and then gradually moving into the digital realm, they arrived at Tengami's design. About 6 months into the project Ryo Agarie joined and was fundamental in developing Tengami's striking visual style.


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Wii U launch trailer


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IMGA: Winner of Excellence in Audio Visual Art and Design" San Francisco/USA, 2015

  • "GameConnection: Winner Best Art" Paris (France), 2014

  • "GameConnection: Finalist Best Casual Game, Best Mobile Game" Paris (France), 2014

  • "IndieCade Finalist" Los Angeles (USA), 2012

  • "Sense of Wonder Night Selection" Tokyo (Japan), 2012

  • "Develop Indie Showcase Finalist" Brighton (UK), 2013

  • "SXSW Gaming Awards Finalist" Austin (USA), 2014

  • "BIG Festival Brazil: Finalist Best Art and Finalist Best Music" Brazil, 2014

  • "18th Japan Media Arts Festival Selection" Tokyo (Japan), 2015

Tengami Credits

Jennifer Schneidereit
Game Creator, Nyamyam

Phil Tossell
Game Creator, Nyamyam

Ryo Agarie
Game Creator, Nyamyam

David Wise
Music and SFX, Freelancer

Christiaan Moleman
Animation, Freelancer

Riko Agarie
Visual Effects